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TABI Purim Carnival!

The Megillah According to Disney
"Be Our Guest"
Sunday, March 9

10am - Religious School Purim Carnival with games, costume content, and prizes!
11:45am - Pizza lunch and hamantaschen
12:30pm - Megillah reading (According to Disney)

purim - disney villians


Message From the Rabbi - March 2015

rabbi gary mazoThis month we gear up for arguably the most enjoyable of Jewish holidays – the holiday of Purim. In Hebrew, Purim means “lots” like the lots one might cast. Lots are a reminder of the randomness of life - that there are, sometimes, factors which are beyond our control. At those moments, we realize that we are ultimately dependent upon God.

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chai times - temple bulletinThe TABI bulletin The TABI Times can now be downloaded at your convenience and we’ve created an archive (beginning with the Aug 2011 issue), so you can
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