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Summer Shabbat Series

bob dylan
<< June 21, 7 PM: “Lecha Do Dylan” Shabbat
A Folk/Rock Themed Shabbat

Wine and Cheese prior to Services at 6:15 PM

kippah groovin album cover

July 12, 7 PM: “Sundae Shabbat >>
A Night of Kippah Groovin Original Music
followed by a Sundae Bar Social


woodstock<< August 16, 7 PM: “TABI Stock” Shabbat
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock
with a “Classic Rock” Shabbat Service.

Wine and Cheese prior to Services at 6:15 PM

Message From the Rabbi - June 2019

rabbi gary mazo

This month, we celebrate one of the most important, yet one of the least celebrated festivals – the holiday of Shavuot. Shavuot means “weeks,” and this festival occurs exactly seven weeks following Pesach.

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