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Message From the Rabbi - August 2014

rabbi gary mazoAs I write this article this month, I realize that I may very well need to edit,
re-write, scrap and start this article over many times before publication. The
current “Matzav” – or “situation” as it is called in Israel is troubling at least and very frightening for many of us.

For Jews in the greater Evansville area, Israel may seem very far away, yet,
there has always been an unbroken link between those members of the Jewish people who live in the Land of Israel, and those who live outside the land. The Torah teaches us that this link was established from the very beginning of our history. The land was promised as a dream to Abraham, re-affirmed to Jacob and the guiding light for the Jews in the desert. Throughout Jewish history, Israel has been a source of pride, security and a symbol of hope and our relationship with God.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvot in July & August:

July 5 - Robbie Hass
July 19 - Alex Bakke
August 2 - Nathaniel Weinzapfel
August 16 - Abbi Barancik

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